Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well since ASong does not want to come back to Glendale, I give him this painting as a present to remind him of his past.
WELLLLL im ALIVE guys, and back to posting! Although its farkin hot in LA, I am surviving. Jajaja its been a while. What was I doing. It's a secret. Well lets put it this way, my original portfolio failed me, so I have been asked to make a new one. I've been busy, no rest what so ever. I wont post anything from new portfolio till its all done and I get permission from "someone" to do it so. Lets say it's confidential /(-.-)\
I hope you all having fun summer~!

Oh and the painting above is the first locational study of Glendale Mountains for landscape painting online.

Location Study 1
Acrylic on illustration board, 9x12, 2hrs.