Tuesday, April 22, 2008


There are always times in life when we question our own existence. Some people search answers in religion, and some in science. There are many ways to explain life form, but none of them are 100% accurate. Throughout various explanations, there are only few factors that remain constant.
The birth of an infant is a beginning of a journey. Humans at their initial stage are pure and innocent. Throughout their life spam they evolve, and transform into much complex forms...

Acrylic on canvas board 18x24: 24Hr paint job in 4 days.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Next Set

Finally the next set is ready to hit the blog. I've been brushing up on digital a bit. But from now on its back to acrylic full time.

For H. Portfolio: "For No One" Acrylic on canvas board 16x20"
The molding paste on the bottom of the surface didn't sit as smooth as I was expecting. Hence the weird texture.

For Ex. Illustration: "Prosthetics" Digital, CS3. Inspiration from Ghost in the Shell!!

For Ill 4: "The World Ends With You" Digital, CS3. Since I had a free topic project for Ill 4 I decided to do a contest held by SquareEnix. It was posted in DeviantArt. You guys can check it out and participate if you like.