Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kazu's MidT.

Here goes another self portrait. Well this time I decided to get away from the traditional way of self portrait and went berserk. Main concentration was color balance and harmony of intense and saturated colors.

~Well until next posting_ (that would be in a while lol.)
Working on a illustration on my brothers request, and some other geisha crap. Ill post them up when I getz zeh time~

"The Witness"

Another acrylic brainstorm. Just decided to paint from memory to recall forms. Notice the exaggerated use of reds to push the message of fright. Dedicated to Armenian Genocide.

"Crimson Rain" Memorial for the Dead

Quick acrylic illustration for the memory of those who have fallen~

In Class Acrylic Paintings

Bryan's request. His been bugging me all this time. I hope you satisfied!
As you can see I used different color scheme for each painting. Hopefully it will get better.


Finally got a chance to get this stuff together.